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Join the Million Dollar Merch Club and own a piece of million dollar merch!

Buy an NFT to claim your Merch: https://opensea.io/collection/million-dollar-merch

The Bitcoin Million Dollar Merch Club T-Shirt features a 100% unique AI generated Bitcoin logo art. This shirt is only sold by MerchMart and is the only true Bitcoin Million Dollar Merch Club T-Shirt.

You can purchase the t-shirt for the price of $1,000,000… or claim your million dollar t-shirt simply buy buying the corresponding Million Dollar Merch Club Bitcoin NFT!

MerchMart has only minted one NFT for this shirt upon release of the shirt.

This means there are only 50 of the Bitcoin Million Dollar Merch Club NFT/shirts, as a part of the first round of NFT drops. The first 50 of the 5,000 NFT collection are the only NFTs to feature the BTC logo art. The limited quantity of 50 BTC NFT is to represent those who “got in early”, as well as being a part of the “One Percent Club”

The only way another Bitcoin NFT for this artwork and shirt will ever be minted is if someone purchases the t-shirt from the website for $1,000,000

As a holder of the NFT, you will not only get a peice of million dollar merch, but when someone mints a new NFT by buying a t-shirt, 50% of the sale will be distributed the the current NFT owner wallet.

Being a holder of a Million Dollar Merch NFT will also get you additional platform perks, early beta access for testing, and voting rights on upcoming platform developments.

Join the Million Dollar Merch Club now and buy your million dollar merch to mint a NEW NFT!

Or get an NFT on the Marketplace now to claim your million dollar merch: https://opensea.io/collection/million-dollar-merch

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