10 Merchandising Marketing Tips to Increase Brand Exposure Starting Today!

Brand merchandising is a powerful tool to help your company’s marketing efforts. Many companies are now promoting their brands through branded merchandise that has the company logo on it. The idea is simple: customers wear or carry branded items and in turn, share them with others. This creates brand exposure for businesses of all sizes and budgets! In this blog post, we will discuss 10 tips for increasing your company’s brand exposure by using branded merchandise, as well as how these methods can be used to increase sales and even client retention.

  • Tip #01: Create branded apparel for your company. You’ll want to make sure that the logo is visible and can be recognized easily. The more people see your brand, the better!
  • Tip #02: Give them away as gifts with purchase or freebies at events. Many companies give their customers a custom branded item when they purchase something from them, like branded pens or notepads; these are also great giveaways at trade shows and conferences too!
  • Tip #03: Sell individually purchased items in bulk online on platforms such as eBay. For example, if you have 100 coffee mugs leftover after an event where you were giving one per person who attended, post those on eBay and sell them for $20 each
  • Tip #4: Give away a free trial, download, gift or discount for your own products or services when someone buys your merchandise. “20% off your next purchase at ‘your company’ when you buy our t-shirt”, or “Free download of our dfy videos when you buy any merchandise”. There are many cross-promotional opportunities to consider.
  • Tip #05: Sell branded merchandise with your company’s logo. This is great for promotional events, trade shows or conferences and will help you promote visibility of an event from people who weren’t able to attend.
  • Tip #06: Create a promotion or contest around your merch, offering people something for free and a chance to win something when they purchase your Merchandise
  • Tip #07: Use merchandise to generate reviews! Insensitive your customers leaving a review to get free merch.
  • Tip #08: Ask customers who buy items that can be personalized (like mugs) if they would like them customized before sending them out. A small charge might also apply but not too much; consider what makes sense based off of your production costs and desired profit margin while providing a good product they will enjoy and use
  • Tip #09: Create a blog or newsletter that promotes your branded merchandise and sends it out periodically to customers. This strategy works great when combined with a quality content marketing campaign.
  • Tip #10: Consider giving branded merchandise as gifts at events, conferences and tradeshows. This is especially effective if you are in the tech industry where swag is popular (though please be mindful of space). Offer up freebies like pens for employees when they attend an event with clients or prospects.

Why Merchandise Marketing Works

‘Bottom line? The more people see your company’s logo on products, the higher awareness will grow among potential new customers.’

You can increase brand awareness, sales, and even customer lifetime value and retention by leveraging brand merchandising in your marketing. If you arent implementing merchandising in your marketing then you are leaving money on the table.

It’s important to understand the type of branded merchandise that aligns with your company and target audience. Not only what they like but what they are most likely to use in their everyday life. You want your customers to use your merchandise and constantly be reminded of their relationship with your company.

How to Start Merchandising Marketing for Yourself

Getting your brand on merchandise used to be a fairly big task including the time involved contacting print shops and supplying logos and reviewing mock-ups, as well as an initial investment normally to get a bulk order of shirts, stickers or other products printed.

Some printers require you to buy a hundred or more of an individual product, sometimes costing you thousands in merchandise cost.

Now you can get your branded merchandise designed, listed, sold, created and delivered 100% free will NO MINIMUM others required.

It’s as early as signing up with MerchMart and supplying your logo. Sign up now and start your merchandising marketing campaigns today FREE…