About Us

About MerchMart

MerchMart aims to become an innovator in the personalized merchandising space by bridging the gap between physical and virtual. This will be done by providing a platform for creators to design and sell their merchandise, while also creating utility for their sold merchandise through blockchain technology.

With the rising interest in digital real estate, it is no question that digital assets of all kinds will become more valuable as Blockchain catches on.

Our platform hopes to bridge the gap between physical and digital merchandise by allowing users to create physical items, that have utility in the digital world.

The key ingredient to this process is NFTs. Non-fungible tokens can be issued upon the sale of any item. Just like the physical item, it has utility in the digital world and can be resold on the open market.

These digital versions of the creator’s merchandise can then be used in the metaverse or other virtual ways. They can also have additional utility in any projects the creator wishes.

This allows us to develop an entire platform of gamified experiences for a community of creators who can now sell their items with endless utility.


Phase One – 2021

  • Business Corporation Formed ✔
  • Create Brand & Trademark ✔
  • Develop & Launch E-commerce Platform ✔
  • Automated Merchandising Development ✔
  • Merchandising Provider Integration ✔
  • Brand Partnership Testing ✔
  • Vendor Platform Development ✔

Phase Two – 2022

  • Automated Merchandising Testing 🔃
  • Million Dollar Merch NFT Sale (Round 1) 🔃
  • Website Design
  • Discord Community Campaign
  • Blockchain Payment Integration
  • Million Dollar Merch NFT Sale (Round 2)
  • Vendor Platform Testing
  • Million Dollar Merch NFT Sale (Final Round)

Phase Three – 2022/2023

  • Vendor Platform Launch
  • Merchandising NFT Development
  • MerchMoney Sale/Liquidity Lock
  • Merchandising NFT Partnerships
  • Merchandise NFT Drops

Phase Four – 2023+

  • NFT Marketplace
  • NFT Game Development
  • Metaverse Partnerships
  • Develop Additional NFT Utility